It all started with my misfortune!

Travelling or going to any places never cross my mind before! I thought that I can’t travel alone or even without my family.. That I won’t even make it on my own. I’m always scared to do it. I’m even so shy to mingle to other people…

Until one day something happened that made me realized that life is too short. You must do everything you want and live as if this is your last day! My initial plan was go to Cebu, to be with my boyfriend (now my ex) that time because it was my birthday week. But something came up so it didn’t happen. What’s worst is I already filed my leave for that trip! I’m so excited for it. Luckily, when one of my colleague learned that the trip was cancelled and I still don’t know where will I go, he invited me to his father’s hometown, Bicol!
Of course, my parents didn’t allow me to go at first because of so many reasons. But still, I pursued to go with them even they are all boys!


At first, I’m scared because it will be my first time to be away with my family for almost one week and to be with someone I didn’t even know except my colleague. And I never regreted that trip because it was so fun!

Bysay falls
                 Busay falls

Many things happened on that trip that made me want to travel more, meet more people, and have more adventure! Now I know that everything happens for a reason.

I know I’m just a newbie but I want to share everything that I experienced and will be experience to everyone. And being a clumpsy or poor is not a hindrance to go anywhere, to do anything you want! It’s just a matter of confident that you can do it! Be brave enough!